About Us

About Us


Cambotrans was founded in 2014 by a group of partners came together, merging their unique experiences and expertise to provide language solutions, logistics and operations support services to companies, non-profit organizations, governments and international development agencies based in Cambodia.

We were intercepted for a reason because we really understand the essence of these support services that every company and organization need in order to support their operations and activities to achieve their goals.

Vision: To be the best company in Cambodia that provides language solutions, logistics and operations support services with excellent quality and express timeliness to every customer we work with.

Mission:Our mission is to help our customers with excellent and reliable quality services. We continuously train and develop our people so that they become expert of their jobs. Only qualified and well-trained employees are assigned to handle works for our customers. We are committed to be a responsible and ethical service provider that our customers can trust and rely on.

Cambotrans helps our clients with several main services. Our teams support our clients from simple to complex business environments. We lead and manage teams of all sizes and can assist the clients in managing and minimizing risks associated with your projects. Our services are categorized as follow:

  1. Language Solutions
    • Translation
    • Interpretation
    • Proofreading
    • Revision
    • Transcription
  1. Event Support & Management
    • Event planning and design
    • Event coordination and facilitation
    • MC (Master of ceremonies)
    • Music band
    • DJ (Disc jockey)
    • Sound system and equipment rental
    • Interpreting equipment and sound system rental
    • Rental of laptops, LCD projectors, screens, cameras, phones, chairs and tables
  1. Logistics Services(Messenger and Currier)
    • Regular messenger service
    • Speedy messenger service
    • Hurrier messenger service
  1. Transportation
    • Taxi car service
    • Tuk-tuk service
    • Driver (chauffer)
    • Car rental
    • Motorbike rental
    • Bike rental
  1. Operations Support
    • Call center support
    • IT Support
    • Security guards
    • Sales forces
    • Marketing campaign support

For more information about how Cambotrans can support your projects, contact us at +855 (0) 23 99 80 90 / Email:info@cambotrans.com